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L & B Coins And Collectibles has a large selection of jewelry, coins and antiques in South Beloit, IL. We have many years of experience, and a specialist available to help you.

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Learn More About L & B Coins And Collectibles:

  • Jewelry Specialist with Over 30 Years Experience
  • One of the Largest Inventories of Costume and Estate Jewelry in the Stateline Area
  • Discount Prices!
  • Selected Items for Eiesenburg, Kramer, Weiss, Whiting Davis and More
  • Full Line of Current, Antique and Estate Jewelry
  • Dealers Welcome

Our Coin Products Include:

  • Coin Specialist in Store Monday through Saturday
  • All U.S. Mint Items Available - proof set, mint sets, silver eagles, national park quarters, presidential dollars, selection of US currency
  • Buying and Selling Gold and Silver Bouillon
  • Complete Line of Coin Supplies - reference books, coin holders and folders
  • Coin Specialist with Over 20 Years Experience
  • Thousands of Coins in Stock - we will try to get it if we don't have it!

Thermo Scientific XRF Precious Metal Analyzer

With the volatility and high price of gold, precious metals, and gems, you cannot afford the time or the potential inaccuracies of traditional testing methods to determine the value of items being bought, sold, or recycled. Using Thermo Scientific™ portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, now with Thermo Scientific AuDIT™ gold-plating detection technology, you can find out in just a few seconds, with fire assay-comparable accuracy, the precious metal content in jewelry, coins, and other valuable products.
That's all it takes – one push of a button or a simple trigger pull, and almost instantly you will have an accurate purity analysis for on-the-spot sorting and valuation of gold and all precious well as quantification of other desirable and undesirable elements.
Because of the value of these metals, it's vital that no material is lost in the testing process. With our portable XRF technology, analysis is:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Simple and easy to use - minimal to no sample preparation required
  • Nondestructive - no harsh acids or chemicals


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L & B Coins And Collectibles
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